Social Campaigns & Digital News Of The Week 13/03/17

Social Papers – 13/03/17

Digital News

  • New app, Trigger, lets you donate to charity everytime someone annoys you online, enabling you to react to social media posts in a positive way –

Campaigns of the week

  • Chester Hospital recruits School Children for No Smoking Day social media campaign –

  • Diddy launches #WeMissYouBig campaign to mark 20 years since Notorious BIG – The Bad Boy Entertainment founder called on his 7.7 million Instagram followers to post videos of themselves rapping Biggie’s lyrics –

  • LEGOLAND US launch GPS game for kids –

  • Audi create a VR Sandbox experience. The experience invites the big kid in all of us to enter the purpose-built sandpit and create a customised track before the sand is carefully scanned by a depth-sensing camera, from which a virtual world is rendered in real-time –

Other bits

  • Saint Laurent faces backlash online over social media campaign is criticised for its portrayal of women –


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